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Code of Ethics


Our consultants’ pledge to our clients

  • To carry out all tasks/duties in the contract agreement and when these task are outside our core of expertise, immediately refer client to other resources.
  • To sharpen our skills and keep current our knowledge.
  • Avoid discriminatory practices in our dealings with clients and job seekers, taking into account their social, cultural background as well as their personal values.
  • To determine project complexity from the beginning, and when changes/difficultied occur, we propose realistic solutions to meet demands.
  • To communicate and provide all information to designated staff members to ensure optimal management of project.
  • To keep the client informed of developments during the project/contract and identify possible solutions.
  • To prohibit any false or misleading representation; be honest and transparent throughout the process.
  • To respect a signed binding contract agreement.


The commitments we ask clients to make to MontréalQualifié

  • To be honest with MontréalQualilfié.com consultants and provide all information regarding any steps taken in the hiring process as well as recruitment strategies previously considered.
  • To participate actively in the interview process of referred candidates.
  • To provide honest feedback on referred, interviewed or hired candidates to allow MontréalQualifié.com consultants to adjust the selection process, and collaborate in the development of personnel retention strategies.
  • To collaborate with MontréalQualifié.com consultants in determining job duties and requirements, working conditions and compensation.